Self-Publishing Review: "Wheels Up"


"Kitchel has flipped the script on mobster novels, giving us a strong, nuanced female lead character. Sympathetic drug lords are hard to find, but Kitchel creates one in Layla. She is tough when she needs to be, and she learns from her mistakes. Layla is even vulnerable at moments, making the reader and other characters care about her." —Greg Rideout

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Readers' Favorite: "Wheels Up"


"Wheels Up by Jeanine Kitchel promises to deliver an adventure about drugs, cartels and survival – and it does. It does not mention on the cover, and is left to the curious and immediately hooked reader to discover that it also comes embellished with compelling and interesting characters – prominent of which is Layla, the new female head of a dominant Mexican cartel, a headstrong, independent, and strangely principled young woman – and a wonderful array of exotic and mostly Yucatan-based locales, with enough adventure packed into its fast-moving pages to satisfy the most ravenous armchair thrill-seeker. The book begins with a drug-loaded airplane crash into the jungle and never relinquishes its momentum after that." — Joel R. Dennstedt

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Midwest Book Review: "Wheels Up"


"Readers who enjoy high-octane international thrillers may be used to the staccato pace presented in Wheels Up; but what makes this novel a standout over others is the pairing of an already-powerful woman's dilemmas as she finds herself entangled in a complex situation that demands every ounce of the kind of integrity she never thought she had. Wheels Up is highly recommended for thriller fans who want their female protagonists already-powerful, their knowledge of Mexican culture expanded through the story's strong attention to history and detail, and the story's conclusion delightfully unexpected." — Diane Donovan

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Artisan Book Review: "Wheels Up"


"Readers who enjoy fast paced, high energy reads that are based on the insane world of drugs and cartels, will absolutely love Wheels Up: A Novel of Drugs, Cartels and Survival by Jeanine Kitchel. This book is an adventure into the arena of drug sales, drug use and all the mania and drama that goes along with that lifestyle." — Ella James

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The MexicoFile Review: "Wheels Up"


"Unlike many books on Mexico, Jeanine’s book always sounds true to life. She 'gets' the country and the people and it shows all the way through. Despite the natural, colorful beauty of Mexico, much of the country reflects shades of grey, with pragmatism a major driver. Who are the bad guys and who are the good? It is often hard to tell.

I highly recommend Wheels Up, available electronically and in hard copy. You will want to turn every page." — David Simmonds

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